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What is all this about?

John Forge is a philosopher - in other words, since it's me whose writing this, I am a philosoper -  now retired, who was educated in England and the United States, and who taught in Australia. My work has been mostly concerned with science. Most recenly, this has centred on moral and political issues, to do for instance with the moral responsibilities of scientists.


I firmly believe that scientists should not do any research that has anything to do with harming, either directly in the research process or as an outcome thereof. Most especially, I think that scientists should not undertake any research that provides the basis for weapons development or innovation. One important motivation for my setting up this website is to make my reasons for making this claim available to anyone who wants to know about them. One of the main pages on this site is dedicated to this question, and it draws on my published (in books and academic papers) work.


Another motivation for setting up the site is to make some general observations about morality. This is the topic of another of the main pages. If anyone wonders why the title is "Morality Matters" and not something like "Ethics Matters", in other words if any one wonders what the difference is between ethics and morality, that is one of the things I will explain. I used to be confused about morality, in the sense that it seemed to me hard, or impossible, to chose between different (incompatible) moral theories. Now I have found a moral system that I can accept, and the general observations made here are all based on that system (which I will explain). In this way I should like to provide a basis that others can use to make moral judgements and decide whether or not there has been moral wrongdoing in various situations.


This site will, I expect, change and evolve. It will be most text, and not many pictures, videos and so forth. But it is intended for everyone and I hope it will do some good. Please let me know what you think. At the moment I am using numerals to label the units or modules (anyone know a better way?), together with the date, so I can refer to them and cross reference. The numerals signify simply the order in which the units have been added to the page. I also include, or have, a blog. and here my intention is to comment on matters that are of public concern. Please click on "Home" to see these pages.


Last but not least, please do not represent any of the matters written here as your own; it is not, it is mine. By all means quote what you like, but please acknowledge their author!


 Back now, from Latin America; go to the Galapagos if you can!



LATEST (August 2016): There is a new blog post, on the 71st anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Also, I am putting up some of my lectures on Science and Ethics which I gave at my last permanent university - better not say where and when as they might claim its their intellectual property! There are two there today, and of course if anyone listens to them and has any comment I should be most interested,